Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christmas and Boxing Day with the Pinegars!

After having a wonderful Christmas celebration with the Purcell side, we went to spend some time with the Pinegar side for Christmas day.  After our delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole, we made sure to take some pictures in front of the tree.

Matt and I

Dad and Mom

Then it was time to open gifts from each other and from Santa Claus of course.

Hayley and Sterling :)

Mom and Dad opening their gift from us.

I gave Call of Duty Ghosts (it's a video game or something ;)) to Matt for Christmas so he and Sterling enjoyed testing it out after we finished opening presents.

THEN....Melissa and Ryan and the kiddos arrived and we enjoyed a delicious lunch of appetizer trays and sandwiches.  SOOOO much delicious food.

After lunch we enjoyed opening gifts with everyone again.

Mikayla and Katelyn

Whitney and Derek

Addy with the cute puppy we got her.  She named her Stephanie, obviously. ;)

Matt got Hayley a bunch of nail polish--don't worry, I helped him pick them out. :)  I like how Sterling is holding the nail buffer in this one.

Melissa and I


Sterling gave me these super soft pajama pants and a bunch of nail polish :)

Matt with his BYU hoodie from Melissa

The day after Christmas we went and had our family pictures taken (post coming soon) and then my parents rented this game room at Noah's in South Jordan so we could have a big party!  It was so fun to eat more food and play games for a few hours.

Katelyn and Mom

Mikayla, Addy, and Matt

Whit playing pool :)

Melissa playing a little pool



Katelyn and I :)  I can't believe how big my nieces are getting! 

Hayley and Sterling playing arcade games--probably a little street fighter. :)

Ryan and Addy

Dad playing ping pong

Whit and Derek

It was so fun to spend a couple days just hanging out with family and eating good food!  What a great boxing day! :)


Bryan and Sarah said...

It looks like it was fun! You look extra pretty in all of these pictures!

Katie George said...

LOVE your hair in that last picture of you! Fun Christmas festivities!