Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kyle's baptism: February 9, 2008

Matt and his roommates- minus Brandt :)
Matt, Kyle, Justin, Jordan, and Adam

Matt, his roommates and I :)
Left to Right: Matt, Kyle, Brant, Stephanie, Justin, Adam, and Jordan.

Through dating Matt and spending a good amount of time at his apartment, I have gotten to know his roommates fairly well. One in particular, Kyle Compton, has become one of my close friends. Matt and I both love being around "Compton." He is one of the best people we know. What an amazing example he is of kindness, friendship, and service. We are so proud of him for taking this step to be baptized. It was such an amazing experience to be there on Saturday to watch him be baptized by his grandpa and to listen to the speakers-Matt being one of them. The Spirit was so strong as we listened to each of the speakers and musical numbers. Kyle's Mom isn't active and his dad is catholic, but they were extremely supportive and were right there on the front row. I don't know how anyone in that room couldn't have felt the spirit as strongly as I did. Matt did such a good job on his talk and I was so proud of him. He spoke about the Holy Ghost, and he didn't even use notes! He has such a gift for teaching and speaking. He told me afterward how much he misses being a missionary, and we talked about ways we can be missionaries still. We were grateful for this wonderful experience that we were able to share with Compton. We are so happy for him :)