Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day :)

Well I can honestly say this was the best Valentines day of my entire life! Which is funny cause Matt was really sick. But it's the first Valentines I have spent with him and that was what made it so amazing! This morning Matt and I made the trek to Salt Lake City in the horrible snow storm! We were in separate cars since I was going to work and Matt was going to a couple Doctors appointments in Salt Lake. We both left Provo around 6:30 am and called each other to tell each other to drive carefully since the roads were horrible! I felt like I was fish tailing the whole way to Salt Lake! It helped to know that Matt was near by driving as well and we would call each other to give each other traffic updates. haha It wasn't until about the 3rd call that we remembered that it was Valentines day! I remembered first :) Poor Matt had to go to two doctors appointments, but they went ok. After work I went over to Matt's apartment and we made dinner together. Though I insisted that he rest, he said, "You are just too pretty to be over in this kitchen by yourself!" He is so sweet, but he tends to distract me in the kitchen more than help me. I must admit though that I love his insisting that he always do dishes no matter what, it makes cooking a lot more fun, knowing you won't have to clean up after! K, so for Valentines day I made Matt a blanket. While I was at work he called me and asked me for a favor to pick up his laundry from his parents house, on my way home, because the last load wasn't quite dry when he left. I of course agreed and came up with this idea that instead of wrapping the blanket I would hide it, with a card, in his clean laundry and offer to help him fold his laundry. However when I offered to help him fold it he said he would just do it tomorrow cause he didn't feel like folding it. Matt kept asking me what he could do to help and I finally said, "Just please go fold your laundry." He thought I was crazy and asked why? I said, "Because it's going to get wrinkled if you leave it till tomorrow." He said it would be fine, and I said, "Please, just go look in your laundry basket?" haha He knew I had ulterior motives at that point so it kind of ruined the surprise. But he loved the blanket and the card was a black and white picture of two little kids kissing and it actually looked a lot like Matt and I looked when we were little. For dinner we had spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and Martinelli's. Then we turned on a movie, Thirteen Days. We had both seen it before, however, so we ended up just talking the whole time. Poor Matt had a splint on his arm and an ice pack on his head. It was fun to take care of him, the way he always does for me when I'm not feeling well. This was the best Valentines day ever because we got to spend time together :)... I'll have to get a picture of that blanket!