Thursday, March 13, 2008

Matt's Surgery:

:( Matt got surgery Yesterday. Here is about how the day went:

2:00 AM: I stayed up till two in the morning the night before getting ready and packing to stay in Salt Lake for a few days. I set my alarm for 4 AM so I could get ready and finish packing before picking Matt up at 5:30 so we could get to his parents at 6:30 for a blessing and then get to the hospital by 7:00 AM.

4:00 AM: Still sleeping...

5:00 AM: Still sleeping...

6:30 AM: Phone call from Matt wakes me up
(he slept in too), I freak out... you know that feeling when you know your really really late and your still half asleep... I HATE that! My sweet roommate hears me freak out and gets dressed and starts running around for me.

6:40 AM: I pick Matt up and we head for Salt Lake... we will have to go without the blessing and meet his dad at the hospital.

7:30 AM: Arrive at the hospital an fill out paper work.

7:40 AM: They take us back into a room to prep Matt for surgery and put his IV in.

8:30 AM: Matt Changes into his funny hospital gown and the nurse attempts... twice to stick him with an IV. Matt was fine... He wasn't really nervous or anything. I was on the verge of tears... and I passed out. Then they got another nurse and she got him, but she didn't have enough pressure and blood squirted all over the sheets. :P

9:30 AM: The doctor took Matt away and I cried, I was SO scared! Matt's dad took me to get breakfast in the hospital cafeteria so I wouldn't pass out again.

10:15: The doctor came into the lobby and talked to Matt's dad and I. He said the surgery went well. They could see the exact problem. His Ulnar nerve was compressed to about half it's normal size between the ligament and the bone. He cut the ligament to release it.

10:30: We finally got to go see him... after the general anesthetic he was wide awake! I was surprised. They went over how to take care of him and I went and got the car. They rolled him out in a wheel chair... hehe. His dad went to fill his prescription and I took him home. Matt was feeling really nauseated after the anesthetic. He had been NPO (nothing by mouth) but they had giving him some Dr. Pepper and a bag to throw up in... it was a good thing too.

So for the rest of the day I just got to take care of him. I made him jell-o and fed it to him since the surgery was on his right arm. Then he wanted Macaroni and cheese. He was sleeping lots so he actually let me pick the movie since he wouldn't be watching it... I picked Father of the Bride II. Then he picked and we watched Casino Royal, Robin Hood- the cartoon, Seinfeld and Behind Enemy Lines. I think he was feeling a lot better by last night... he didn't take anything for the pain yesterday because he didn't have any pain. They gave him a local anesthetic after the surgery. His right hand is at LEAST twice as big as his left. He is so fun to take care of though and it just makes me realize even more how much I love him. :)


Ryan, Melissa, & Family said...

Ohhhh...I didn't know that is what you had decided to do! That passing out thing is NO GOOD...yikes! And I hate it when they cant get the stupid IV in...sheesh. I Hope he recovers well and tell him we will be thinking of him:):)