Thursday, March 13, 2008

I have been "FIANCE" tagged:

I have been [FIANCE] tagged by Missy (my sister) here is all you have ever wanted to know about MATT :)

1) What is his name? Matthew Brent Purcell
2) How long did you date? Our first date was 4 months before he proposed :) He didn't mess around haha
3) How long have you been married? 0 years... haha This is actually a HUSBAND tag, but Melissa said I had to do it anyway! :) We are getting married on May 2nd, 2008 in the Jordan River Temple
4) Who eats more sweets? ME! haha But Matt can put more food away than I can.
5) Who said I love you first? Matt
6) Who is taller? Matt
7) Who is the better singer? Matt! He is VERY good... we like to sing together though.
8) Who is smarter? Well I know Matt would say me, but I would say him...
9) Who does the laundry? Well, we kind of do our own laundry still, but I did both of ours at his parents this week while he was recovering from surgery. But, I'm sure I'll do it and he will help sometimes :)
10) Who pays the bills? Both, we do it together.
11) Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I dunno, I haven't decided which side I want yet, probably the side furthest from the door so he can save me if someone breaks in.
12) Who mows the lawn? Well, we wont have a lawn yet cause we'll be in an apartment in Provo, but Matt will do it, unless I'm in the mood to.
13) Who cooks dinner? Me :) Matt usually helps though.. or at least stays in the kitchen and distracts me so it takes about twice as long! hehe
14) Who drives? Usually Matt, I'm not as good about carrying on a conversation and driving at the same time, so if Matt drives we can talk too. haha.
15) Who is more stubborn? Well neither of us are too stubborn. If I correct Matt for something or tell him how I feel his first response is frustration, like "prove it" ;) He wants examples and he gets defensive for a minute or two. Then he gets really humble and laughs and says he knows I'm right and he'll fix it. If he corrects me I usually just feel really really bad and tell him where I'm coming from, and that I'll fix it. Then Matt laughs and says I'm still right. haha.
16) Who kissed who first? Matt played with me lots and made me want it before he kissed me about 3 weeks after our first date.
17) Who asked who out? I asked Matt for his number... I'm still embarrassed about that. But he asked me out first.
18) Who proposed? Matt
19) Who is more sensitive? Me, Matt is sensitive to me sensitivity, but he says someone has to be the man and it's not gonna be me.
20) Who has more siblings? Me: 3 siblings, 3 half siblings, & 2 step siblings for a total of 8..WOW! Matt: 4 siblings
Who wears the pants? Hmmm... Probably Matt and I like it that way. But we usually make decisions together.


Ryan, Melissa, & Family said...

That is a little tough for not being married....sorry LOL!! But you did a great job:) Made me laugh hehehe!Love ya!