Monday, March 17, 2008

Ching Wah and Chaw Chi?

Haha I used this title because lately Matt and I have taken to calling each other strange names for no apparent reason. I'm Chaw Chi and he is Ching Wah and I get horribly upset if he calls me Ching Wah because that is his name and my creation. It all started when Matt called me Chaw Chi one day when he was trying to prove a point.. he is so cute when he does that... and I wittily responded by calling him Ching Wah... and well it kind of just stuck. These are now terms of endearment. :) Anyway, in other news, we are EXTREMELY busy this week! Matt is getting his cast off this week on Thursday and has a dentist appointment on Friday and is starting a new job this week as well as doing somethings for me for the wedding. I have TONS of homework. I have a huge paper and a test and ton of assignments due this week as well as work and a ton of wedding stuff. I'm trying to keep my head on my shoulders by exercising, sleeping and eating right. It seems like I don't have a moment to sit! I also have cleaning checks tomorrow and I have GOT to get my taxes done. I'm getting my dress altered tomorrow and we are trying to schedule pictures, ect ect ect haha! I wont bore you but I could probably write a book about everything we have to do! :) But it's a fun time and I'm trying to enjoy it too :) FYI: 45 days till we get married! :) YAY! I honestly cannot wait :) There is so much to do between here and then though so I guess it's good we have that much time, but it's coming quicker than we think. Well, that's all for now fellow bloggers ;) I hope all is well with all of you! Sorry I don't have any fun pictures to post... soon enough~ :)