Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Fathers Day Matthew! :)

So I know Matt isn't a father yet - and probably wont be for a long time - but he will be an amazing dad. So here are a few of the things I am grateful for when it comes to Matt :)

1. His Patience - the other day we needed to go grocery shopping and we decided to go to Target since we still have quite a few gift cards for Target from the wedding. Well I came home from work and was trying to hurry and plan a few meals and write a list so I didn't eat dinner. When I don't eat I get really funny. Matt says my body goes into rebellion and says to my brain "You don't listen when I tell you I need food, so I'm not going to listen to you when you tell me what to do." Well we got a few things we needed to take back and and I grabbed my list and we headed to the store. Matt was frustrated as well because there was traffic, he was hungry, Target is WAY out of the way, and a few other reasons. When we were about half way there he asked me if I brought the gift cards. I was getting some things out of my purse and I could have sworn I saw them in there so I replied, "Yes, I brought them." We got to Target and made the walk to the store - it was SO hot. We went to the customer service desk to return something we were sure had come from there. They asked for my ID... and that was when it happened. I reached in my purse to get my wallet and it wasn't there. But it turns out we didn't need ID since the item wasn't purchased there. When we turned around I said, "You're gonna hate me..." He said, "Why?" I said - cause I don't have the gift cards. We had gone all the way to Target in traffic for NOTHING! Now this was just one more thing on the list of frustrating things that had happened that day - but Matt was very patient and we just went to Walmart instead. I was hungry and hot and tired and on the verge of passing out and even though Matt had reminded me to eat before we left and asked me if I had the cards on the way there he was sweet about it and we just laughed at how frustrated we were. He got me something to eat so I wouldn't die in the store and when I thanked him for being so patient he said, "It's fine as long as you write in your journal how patient your husband is." haha This one brings me to my next item of gratefulness

2. His ability to laugh at me - I do stupid things sometimes, well Matt refers to them as "forgetful things," but Matt has learned to just tease me and laugh about it. I'm grateful for that because I'm sure it can be frustrating sometimes.

3. His ability to make me laugh - Matt can always cheer me up. Even if I'm trying to be mad he just laughs at me cause he thinks it's funny when I try to make my mad face. He says I'm bad at it and we both end up laughing.

4. His kindness
- this weekend I was really sick and Matt has been taking such good care of me. He is always asking what he can get for me and cuddling with me lots while I rest. I was really sick yesterday morning and accidentally slept in. Matt didn't have to get up for work for a couple more hours, but he got up and made me a lunch and breakfast while I quickly got ready. On the mornings that he doesn't work he always asks me what needs to be done around the apartment and I come home to clean apartment - it is SO nice!

5. His motivation - Matt has a lot of motivation to work and go to school to get his degree. He has a lot of years of school ahead of him and he says he is excited for school to start again in the fall because he loves learning.

6. His party attitude
- Matt loves to play! I think if it wasn't for me being a "grandma" we would stay up all night every night watching Lost :) I love this about him. He is always up for doing something with other people or doing something fun just the two of us, but he loves having fun.

7. His Personality - There is something about Matt's personality that gives me butterflies when I think about it and makes me smile. He has such a great personality.

8. His love of good food
- Matt loves good food, it makes cooking totally worth it because he loves it so much!

9. His desire to be better - Matt is always working on something and asking me to help him be better at something. It's a good reminder of what the focus should be in life.

10. Last (on THIS list) but not least
- His worthiness to hold to priesthood. I was sick this weekend and Matt gave me a blessing. What a wonderful blessing it is to have the priesthood in our home.

For Fathers Day Matt got a golf bag, his favorite frozen pops, a HUGE bag of ranch sunflower seeds (our favorite thing to eat during Lost episodes), and the movie Italian Job. I love you Matthew! Happy Fathers Day!

P.S. I will post new pictures soon :) we need to post some pictures of our apartment but I want to hang up a few pictures first :)