Friday, June 6, 2008

One Month!

A part of me can't believe that we have already been married for a month, while another part of me feels like we have been married forever. Life is good being married and everyday I look forward so much to going home to be with my best friend. I have been running quite a bit lately, and Matt runs with me sometimes. Next Saturday we are running a 5k race with my mom who is training for a marathon at the moment - Crazy Lady! :) I'm following the same training program, but I just started so I won't be running the same marathon she runs, but that is my eventual goal. Matt and I are also very into lost these days. We borrowed the 1st and 2nd season dvd's, but the third season we have been watching online. Only problem is that depending on the night our internet can be slow and so it pauses every couple of seconds. Now this is extremely frustrating - but because lost is so amazing, we just can't seem to stop watching it.

This week has been an interesting one - so I thought I would do a little re-cap :)

MONDAY at lunch I was following my usual routine. I got my lunch and walked to my car to eat my lunch and take my regular 45 minute nap - this will not work when it starts getting hot outside. I opened the passengar door and put my purse, notebooks and lunch on the seat. Then I leaned over and turned the key just far enough to turn on the radio and roll the windows down... but I didn't roll the windows down. Now normally I would reach over and unlock the driver door and then walk around. Though this time I didn't. I decided I should lock the passenger door so I didn't have to worry about doing it later. Just before I closed the door I had this strange feeling that maybe I should eat and sleep in the passengers seat today... but I didn't listen and I shut the door. Locking my keys, purse, books and lunch in the car. Not to mention the car was half-on. I called Matt who laughed and said he would come get me after work with the spare - Until I told him it was half-on. Then he said I better call the police to come open it because it would kill the battery. I called the police and they told me to wait by my car. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, a cop car pulled up and I felt like I was in trouble. You know that feeling you get when your little and your caught doing something you're not supposed to? That's how I felt. Well he was really nice about it but after trying for about 20 minutes he couldn't get it open. Matt asked if he was retarded. I love my husband - but he has very little patience sometimes. Normally Matt could have left work to come bring the spare, however today he had driven to work with his buddy and so he was kind of stuck there. Well I was a little frustrated and light headed because I hadn't eaten and I hadn't had my nap. After work Matt came and unlocked my car. When I turned the key there was nothin'. So we hooked up the jumper cables and for some reason Matt looked at the directions - guys never look at the directions. And it said to never connect negative to negative but to put one on the bolt beside the battery. Well we tried and tried and tried but my car just WOULD NOT start. Matt thought the battery was completely dead and we would have to buy a new one. However after calling his dad we realized that maybe the directions were wrong and after connecting negative to negative it started right up. So we spent our one month anniversary jumping my car. Matt was a little disappointed because he had something planned for when I got home from work but it kind of got ruined by the car problems. We decided to celebrate on Friday night for date night instead.

Tuesday went a lot better. After work I met Matt and his family at Applebee's for dinner to celebrate Stacey's graduation from high school. Dinner was delicious and after we spontaneously decided to go and see Iron Man. It was really good, and Matt loved it which makes it even more fun for me.

Wednesday we had a couple in our ward - Jason and Melissa - over for Fajitas. She brought guacamole and delicious cookies! The food was very good, but I vowed never to eat again after that meal because I ate so much!... I ate the next morning.

Thursday Matt went to play halo with his friend Kenny. I went running - which felt so good. Then I came home and cleaned and showered. I was going to dry my hair but Matt came home and insisted that we watch lost and I pull my hair up. haha. I miss him when he is gone - but all he wants to do is play and it makes it hard for me to get things done. But when it comes down to it I think spending time together is far more important than drying my hair, making the bed, or cleaning the kitchen floor. :)

Friday - Well that's today! After work Matt and I are going to have date night. He has a surprise planned and we are going to eat left over Fajita's so I don't have to cook and then we will probably watch lost and go for a walk. Just relax :)

Saturday morning we will go running. Then we need to print thank you cards and start the huge job of sending them all out :) Saturday night our ward has a BBQ and then Stephanie (My sister-in-law) Ashley and I are going to have a girls night while the guys play halo or some other video game I'm sure. We will probably rent/go to a chick-flick and eat lots of chocolate and talk :)

Sunday will be relaxing and I am going to attempt making a new soup using a ham bone... we will see how it goes! :) So that's a week in the lives of Matt and Stephanie :)


Alyssa said...

ah, i love reading about your married life. it makes me so happy! i'm glad you're loving it and it sounds like you're having quiet the adventures :)