Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lagoon :)

On Wednesday we went to Lagoon! It was nice to have a day off of work to play! We went with Matt's brother James and his wife Stephanie, Stacie and her friend Christian, and Larry (real name is Matt) and his wife DeAnna. Matt tends to get motion sickness pretty badly so he took dramamine before we went and thought that would do the trick. We went on a few rides and Matt seemed to be doing ok. However, while we were riding Wicked Larry lost his hat and it nearly decapitated Steph who was siting behind. Larry was paying so much attention to looking for his hat that when we got off the roller coaster he lost his breakfast. Dang roller coaster - stole his hat AND his breakfast! He was a good sport though and Matt seemed to be doing ok.
Then we went out to the cars to eat lunch. We found a patch of grass and had a picnic. When we went back into Lagoon we went on the train ride to see all the animals - I thought I would really like this but I just felt bad for those poor animals they had sitting in those cages so that we could look at them. Then it happened... we decided to go on the White roller coaster - you know the one that is only scary because it feels like it's falling apart? Well after the ride Matt got really sick. He looked whiter than a sheet! We sat on a bench and he laid on my lap for a while. He started feeling a little better after a while - but was too nervous to try another ride. We did however ride Rattle Snake Rapids - Matt's favorite ride - about 10 times and got soaking wet! I went on a couple rides without him but I felt bad that he was just waiting for us. It was really fun being with everyone and taking a day off, but it REALLY wore me out! Here are a few pictures I took from the day... until my camera died!

This picture was taken after our first ride on Rattle Snake Rapids... you can only imagine how wet we were after riding it about 6 more times! :)

Christian and Matt's sister Stacie

Stephanie and Matt's brother James

Larry (Matt) and DeAnna

Matt and I

Waiting in line :) - they really weren't bad at all!

These are our scared faces :S

Larry (Matt) and DeAnna - they got married about a week after us and he works with Matt and James :) So cute!

Everyone walking :)

Matt and I - I get numerous requests weekly to do my hair in a "side pony tail" from Matt - sometimes I give in :)

Stacie and Christian

DeAnna and Stephanie

James and Matt on Rattle Snake Rapids


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