Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our New TV! :)

So when Matt asked me what I was doing and I told him I was blogging he wanted me to post a picture of our new TV - haha such a guy! So here it is! We just got it today and we LOVE it! Surprisingly we still make beds on the floor :) For those of you who are reading this there are lots of new posts so make sure you see them all! :)

The new TV :)

Well Matt asked me to come snuggle and watch TV so that's all for now! :)


Melissa & Jason said...

I have to say...I am glad I got to be there for the inauguration of the TV. I hope you guys enjoyed 300.

The Everett's said...

My husband would love it I i'd let him get a tv like that...but i won't ;)

Hayley said...

You guys had a lot of Tv's. That's nice to finally have perminent one. You're right, we need to get together. Just let us know when you guys can