Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day! :)

For Pioneer Day this year we traveled to Cottonwood Heights, in Salt Lake to spend the holiday with my parents and grandparents :) We had delicious food - chicken, corn on the cob, ham burgers, hot dogs, potato salad (Matt's favorite), veggies and dip, Water Melon, Strawberries, Pistachio salad, and lemonade. Then we chatted for a while and my grandparents left. My parents and us then walked over to their city days, we saw lots of cool cars and strange people dancing. Then we went home to lay on the lawn and watch the fireworks. Before we left to come home my parents presented us with a late wedding present that was a total surprise - they got us matching night stands for our bed :) We are so excited and I'll have to post pictures when we get them put together. It was so sweet of them and such a pleasant surprise! :) Here are some pictures from the night:

Mom making dinner :)

Matt was taking pictures of me while trying to figure out the light settings on the camera

Mom and Dad getting dinner ready

Matt and I taking random pictures of ourselves.

I thought this one was... artistic? haha

My good lookin' husband ;)

Nana and Papa Holden

My mom's cute table setting

These were delicious!

I thought I would do a flash back to my high school years - this was my crazy bedroom :)

My window

The yellow wall and dresser

My bathroom

This is where I spent countless hours playing the piano... I wish we had one of these - someday :)