Sunday, July 13, 2008

LexisNexis Work Party:

Matt and I went to my work party Friday night - It was fun for Matt to meet some of my friends from work. They had a raffle and we had fun cheering each other on as everyone on our table won something... except for Matt :) hehe Poor guy - and when I won I got the Mary Kay lip mask and balm. After the party we went to Walmart and Target and bought 10 movies and a season of 24! :) We then came home and got ready for Matt's parents, James and Steph, and Grandma Palmer to come over. We ate popcorn and ice cream while watching - Matt's choice - School of Rock :) Grandma and Mom also thought it was pretty funny and it was fun being with everyone. After they all left after midnight Matt talked me into starting season 5 of 24... but we slept in this morning so it was ok. Here are some pictures from my work party... (This was before I figured out why all the pictures are blue :))

Matt and I :)

Laura and her husband Kolt - so cute :)

Dallin's Girlfriend, Dallin, and Cute Pregnant Carly

Chelsea and Her Boy Friend Jacoby Jacobson (seriously)


tiffanie said...

I think i know jacoby jacobson!