Friday, July 11, 2008

SCATTERGORIES TAG:'s harder than it looks! . When you are done, tag 5 people. *Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following... *they have to be real places names, things...nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. (WHICH, BY THE WAY, IS HARD IF YOU ALREADY READ THEIR ANSWERS) You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl. Good luck!

1. What is your name: Stephanie

2. 4 letter word: Sort

3. Vehicle: Sentra

4. City: Salt Lake City

5. Boy's Name: Sean

6. Girl's Name: Sabrina

7. Beverage: Sprite

8. Occupation: Singer

9. Something you wear: Sandals

10. Celebrity: Sean Connery

11. Food: Spaghetti

12. Something in a bathroom: Sponge

13. Reason for Being Late: Sleeping in

14. Cartoon Character: Sylvester the Cat

15. Something You Shout: Shut up!

16. Animal: Snake

17. Body part: Spine

18. Singer / Band: Sara Bareilles

19. Color: Sapphire

20. Country: Spain

21. State: South Carolina

22. Flower: Snapdragon

23. Tree: Sycamore

24. Game: Shoots and Ladders

25. TV show: So you think you can dance? :)

26. Movie: Stranger Than Fiction

27: Candy: Snickers

28. Book: Spiderwick Chronicles

29. Dessert: S'mores

30. Activity: Swimming

I tag everyone who reads this :) Have fun!


Lisa said...

for tv show how about "survivor" :) Fun blog.