Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Matt and My Email Conversation Today:

Me: "I want one of these :)"

Matt: "Well, I want one of these."

And, it ended there :) haha


Ryan, Melissa, & Family said...

HAHAHA...LOL!! Now that's funny:):) You can always count on the guys wanting there nintendo or X Box or whatever games to play! hehe...I am going to agree with you though...I think a mini Stephanie or Matt would be SO darn cute:)

The Clingo Family said...

oh my goodness that was SO funny! It made both James and I laugh out loud!!! :)

The Everett's said...

Did you know that my work uses Lexis Nexis!? I just remembered that you work there. I didn't know that it was in Utah.

Melissa & Jason said...

Steph...are you trying to make an announcement? Is that a picture of YOUR baby? :)