Monday, July 14, 2008

Something I'm Excited For...

So I was just sitting here at work listening to music while I work and a song from WICKED started playing... and I was just reminded how excited I am because Matt and I are going to see it at the capital theater in the Spring! I can hardly stand it I'm so excited! I have seen it once before in Chicago when I was on choir tour in high school. It is just such an AMAZING production and I LOVE the music! Even if you don't get the chance to see it I would get the soundtrack :)

My favorite songs are:
I'm not that girl
As long as your mine
Defying Gravity
For Good

But honestly they are ALL amazing! :) Yay for wicked!


tiffanie said...

I LOVE WICKED TOO! Are tickets still on sale for when it comes to UT? You are so lucky that you get to go!

Linnea&Jeff said...

Yay for Wicked! I saw it in Chicago too, in 2006, and then Jeff and I went and saw it in LA last September. Its so awesome.