Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boondocks for Family Night

On Monday night we met my parents at Boondocks for Family night. It was SO much fun! My favorite thing was the Race Track.... and Beating Matt! haha Actually on the first race I TOTALLY would have won but I thought they were telling us to stop when we still had another lap... so Matt passed me on the last lap.... But the second time around Matt was in front of me to start with and we were neck in neck the whole time I ending up passing him - It was so much fun and I was laughing the whole time :) It feels good to have fun. Here are some pictures of the activites...

Matt and Dad standing in line, haha Matt isn't short... my dad is just 6' 7"

Mom and I :)

This is Matt getting ready to go... Dad is behind him. I just have to say what a funny sight it was to see a 6'7" tall man in one of these carts with his knees up to his chest and his hat on backwards - it was a sight to see! haha

Mom being goofy in her race car :)

Matt and Dad in the arcade shooting away

Haha, I love how much Matt gets into it... he was even smiling a little for this one.

Matt and I.... I was utterly confused and Matt was trying to help me while playing at the same time.

Me golfing... ok I wasn't really golfing - more like pulling a funny pose for the picture

Matt Golfing... he was much better than me... I scored 59 a good 25 point above the next score :( I just really like hitting the ball hard...

Matt's cute feet... hehe they are so small and cute... I can't think of a better word for them.

Matt and I being goofy - we're cool.

Matt and I

Dad and Mom :)


Melissa & Jason said...

You look just like your mom.

The Everett's said...

We went there when it was cold. Fun place!

Jeff and Linnea said...