Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family Friday:

On Friday night we went up to South Jordan for a back to school party with Matt's family :) We had a blast! For dinner we had lasagna, then we played Croquet and Boccie Ball in the front yard with the whole family. Then we came inside and played this get to know you game - it was really fun and such a cute idea. They had about 8 different kinds of gum and we each took 4. Then they had questions that went along with each type of gum and you only had to answer if you had that kind of gum. Some examples of the questions were, "What are you afraid of?" "What was the most painful thing you have experienced?" "Tell an interesting or scary story from your childhood." "How many kids do you want to have?" It was fun to get to know everyone a little better - because those things sometimes don't come up in normal conversation. Then we had banana splits and watched the olympics for a bit. We slept over Friday night and all had breakfast together on Saturday. It was so much fun just to be with the family for the weekend. Here are some pic

Steph with the cat :)

Matt and James setting up croquet

Matt, James and their Dad

This is how James felt about me taking pictures...

Michael's artwork on the sidewalk

Steph and Stacie in the driveway :)


Matt reading the directions

Matt's croquet pose... ;) Not really I just caught him at a funny moment.

Stacie taking her shot


The Girls: Steph, Me, Mom, Stacie, Steph

Matt strategizing

Dad taking his shot

Matt and Mom :)

The fam :)

Dad sitting like a little kid :)

The family playing Boccie Ball

I saw this plane in the air and asked, "Is that a real plane?" Everyone laughed at me so I took a picture :) haha


Anonymous said...

Matt! How in the world are you!? You look so happy! Isn't married life just the best? I love that these pcitures are taken on my most favorite street in the world =) Good times =)