Sunday, August 24, 2008

My funny husband:

So lately I've just been taking note of funny things Matt says to me - here area a couple:

"You are treading on thin ice Missy!" Said jokingly while we were teasing each other... I look at him and said, "Treading on thin ice? Is that even a saying? haha" Matt - "Of course it is - I said it." Me - "I believe it's treading in deep water or walking on thin ice...but you are cute" :) haha This just made me smile.

Today after church I was washing my hands or something in the bathroom and he came up behind me - put his arms around me and kissed my forehead - cute huh?! Then... he said "Hmmm... you smell like a pet shop." ??? :) haha Sometimes I think having a husband is like being around a little kid... he never explained it and I never asked... but personally I think I better start wearing some perfume if I smell like a PET SHOP???

This one is from Matt was little - but I just loved it so I have to blog about it in my spare time - wait... what spare time?? Anyway here it is:
So when Matt was little he started doing something naughty - he started calling people Butts. His parents used to get really mad when he did it so one time he said to someone, " You BIG BUTT!" His dad looked at him and was probably about to smack his bottom when Matt said, "Wait! I said BUCK! I said BUCK dad!!!" hehe This just made me laugh - he is so funny and it's funny how little kids personalities come out even when they are little :)


Jeff and Linnea said... smell like a pet shop...that made me laugh.

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

hehe...too funny:) Go to my blog you have been TAGGED!!:)

Kylar said...

These are funny!! A lady at work actually said the whole treading on thin ice thing today and i laughed cuz I had just read this!!