Friday, August 1, 2008

Grandma Palmer's and the Slumber Party:

So I totally forgot to take my camera to Grandma's house on Friday night, but here is a summary of what we did without picture unfortunately! All of Matt's family was there, Grandma, Uncle James, Aunt Michelle and Cousins Brandon & Brooke. We had a BBQ with tons of delicious food. Then we had cake and sang happy birthday to Matt. Then we helped Grandma sand her deck and ate watermelon. It was so fun to see everyone!
Matt's little sister Stacie wanted to sleep over so we came back to our apartment and watched the Italian Job - Such a GREAT movie! Then it was about 11:30 but we weren't tired and we remembered that Stacie needed a tooth brush so we made a creamery run :) Stacie is going to be living on BYU campus right by the creamery this Fall and we are SO excited. We got her a tooth brush and then got lots of candy - good combo we thought :) Then we came home and played cards for a while and finally headed for bed. Matt was so sweet to give up his bed spot for Stacie so we had a slumber party while Matt slept in the family room. It was so fun to have her stay over! We took her home the next morning on our way to the Zoo.....