Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt (Continuted):

So I arranged to leave work early so Matt wouldn't get suspicious if I was late. I made a couple of stops at Macey's to get balloons and at Baskin Robbins to get ice cream cake and ice cream. Then I came home and on the way to our apartment I dropped the ice cream, ice cream cake, and the key to our apartment off at James and Stephanie's (Matt's brother and sister-in-law). Then I surprised Matt with Balloons and he opened his presents... the x-box was kind of an early birthday present and Matt didn't want me to get him anything else - but I got a few little things that are his favorite.

Matt with his Balloons :)

Opening Presents...

Then we made our way to the car to go out to eat. I made Matt wear this makeshift blindfold in the car so he wouldn't know where we were going - he wasn't too happy about it - he doesn't like surprises very much... but I love them! haha I finally let him take it off after making him sick by going around a round about like 4 times :) He gets motion sick really easy, haha but it was fun while it lasted :)

This is us during dinner at the Pizza factory. Neither of us were too hungry for some reason... notice Matt's tiny pizza... and that was all he ate... trust me this is strange for him!

Then we went bowling at Fat Cats. I forgot to tell Matt to bring socks because he was wearing flip flops so we had to get some from the vending machine. Matt won both games... by an alarming amount... but it was still lots of fun. My right shoulder is killing me though - I must have bad form! ;)

This is Me bowling - photography by Matt Purcell ;)

Now that's form ;) Matt used to be on a bowling team or something, apparently he has his own ball and everything... he beat me every time... but that's not saying much I think I had a high score of 78 and got two strikes during the two games! :)

This is proof that at one point in the beginning of the second game things were looking up for me haha :)

After bowling it was about 7:30... well I had made arrangements for James and Stephanie to be at our apartment around 9... I didn't think we would be done so soon. So I told Matt I didn't feel like going home yet and asked him if he wanted to go to Wal-Mart and spend the gift card my parents had given him. He didn't have it with him so I asked him if he wanted to go to the grocery store or go home and get the card. We couldn't decided what to do so I just started driving around and Matt started to get annoyed, lol. But he wasn't suspicious at all! Finally I talked him into going home and getting the gift card and heading to Wal-Mart. Matt bought an NCAA football game for his XBOX and we got a few quick groceries and head out.

When we got to our apartment I unlocked the door with out key and we walked in to find the candles on the cake lit and streamers all over the apartment:

It's a little hard to see in this pic but it looked really good! :) James and Steph were hiding and yelled "Surprise!" Kind of a weak surprise party, but Matt would have killed me I think if there was anyone else there :) haha It was fun to hang out with them for a bit and sing and eat ice cream. :)

Our Surprise Guests :) Steph and James - we love them!


Ryan, Melissa, & Family said...

That looks like so much fun:) Mmmmm...Pizza Factory sounds really good right now too! Looks like his birthday was a good one:)

Melissa & Jason said...

I really like the balloons. The square Mylar balloon is way cute. Oh and I am the same way...I love surprises. But Jason likes them too so it works out okay. :)