Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update :)

So we have been doing a lot of fun stuff lately... but haven't really had the opportunity to take a whole lot of pictures :)

Last Friday night we went to a BBQ with some of the Purcell/Palmer family at Matt's cousin Brandon and his wife Brooke's house. It was fun to see everyone and watch the Olympics.

Saturday I had to go to the eye doctor :P I paid a good $75 to have him tell me that I still have the same prescription of -3.75... duh! I just wanted new contacts, I don't understand why I have to get them checked every year! I decided from now on I'm buying a year supply then going in right before it expires I'm going to go in and buy another year supply :) Haha I tricked them.

Saturday night we had Matt's parents and Michael over for dinner and to watch the Olympics. We had a lot of really good food and just enjoyed watching the Olympics together.

Sunday I was sick sick sick all day :P Sunday night Steph came over to watch a chick flick and eat chocolate chip cookies :)

I went to work for a little while till I had to go the doctors where they did some tests and treated me like I was stupid cause they came back negative. Monday night we had FHE groups at our apartment. Matt didn't really understand this since it seemed like something we did in singles ward - but it was actually really fun.

Tuesday I went to work again... but my symptoms had gotten worse and I now had a fever so I called the doctors to set up a follow up appointment... I felt kind of stupid to go in again since they obviously thought I didn't know what I was talking about... but sure enough it was positive... I showed them! Anyway they gave me the prescriptions I needed and sent me on my way.... needless to say I'm feeling better finally :)

Tuesday night we had Matt's friend Mary from high school over for dinner with her husband Bryant - it was SO much fun :) The food was good and it was fun to sit around and visit and make dessert together. I took a bath and went to bed early :)

Wednesday after work I went grocery shopping - I HATE grocery shopping :) I love cooking and good food though so I guess it's a necessary evil :P Then I went to see sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 with Steph (She is Matt's brothers wife that lives 5 doors down :)). We got our tickets and everything and went to the theater. We walked into the theater and sat down and started talking till the previews would start... I thought this was a little weird cause I didn't think we were early. When the previews started there was no sound... someone went out to tell them there was no sound and came back to say that they said that only the previews wouldn't have sound - annoying. Anyway so we sat and watched silent previews till a preview came on for the movie we were going to see... we thought that was a little weird... then Steph said - "are you sure we are in the right theater?" I didn't know I was following her! haha so I leaned over and asked the lady next to me what movie we were seeing... "Mama Mia" she said. Oops! So we found the right theater and were a little late, but it was such a cute movie. I love those movies - so cheesy and girly but amazing :)

we are going to the temple and probably ice cream or something afterwards. We are really excited for this weekend because we have some fun plans with family and it is our last weekend before school starts on Wednesday the 27th. I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off work to enjoy my last few days of freedom :) I'm actually getting really excited and I talked Matt into going school shopping with me in Park City :) So hopefully I'll take lots of pictures this weekend and have a few more updates for you :)