Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Making a Baby Blanket! :)

I have been feeling really crafty lately and have been trying to think of something I could make. I decided that I want to make a quilt for each of our kids. But then I decided that the full on quilt I want to make will be for the crib, and I'm not ready to decide how to decorate their rooms! So I decided I would make them each a snugly blanket and a quilt. This is the first snugly blanket. I went to the fabric store thinking I would get colors like yellow and green that could go either way (boy or girl), but when I saw this fabric together it was perfect! I'm just doing a rag quilt for now, but I think it will turn out really cute when I'm finished.

PS - No worries - there are no buns in the oven yet! I'm just getting a head start while I have the time :)


laura d said...

woo-woo!! good job, i see you made it to the fabric store. And those fabrics are way cute.