Monday, September 29, 2008


You know, I'm not one to get too upset about these things and generally I can respect people's opinions on things - even if they differ from my own. I have my own ideas about taxes, oil drilling, the economy ect and other people have theirs, even if I don't agree - I can respect them for having an opinion. I definitely do not agree with Obama's ideas of incessantly taxing the hardworking to give to the lazy - what is the American dream if everyone's reward is the same?! These things make me frustrated and worried for our future. But, NOTHING makes me MORE FURIOUS than the idea of abortion - the CARELESS MURDER OF BABIES! That is what it is folks and Obama even supports LIVE BIRTH ABORTION! Do you know what that is?
This website explains in detail:

After reading the article above watch this movie:

THIS IS WRONG! Abortion is wrong - except in situations where 1. the mother's life is in danger, 2. rape, 3. incest. In these cases I believe that the mother should be given the choice, during the FIRST trimester - not after the baby is born! However I believe that in cases where the mother was given choice when she chose to conceive she has now lost that freedom of choice because it affects the baby as well. As with all rights and freedoms they only extend until they affect the freedoms of another. Classic example - free speech. Free speech is wonderful until you yell fire in a movie theater and someone gets trampled on in the process. Same thing applies. The rights of the mother are great - but they DO NOT just affect her. An innocent life is at stake. How can Obama support the killing of innocent life while at the same time protect the lives of innocent American lives.... sounds like a contradiction to me. This is wrong and I can not understand how anyone can agree with this or "look past it" in their political views. I hear some people saying - "ya, but I agree with everything else - so I'll just over look that part." You are on one side of the fence or the other. If you stand idly by and support - or even fail to contradict this horrible and disgusting infanticide - you are just as bad as the people killing these innocent babies. Protect LIFE.

I love this video as well - I got this from Sterling and Hayleys blogs - thanks guys!

Please, this November - vote for what REALLY matters.


karla said...

Thanks for speaking up. People need to know where the candidates stand so they can make an informed decision, and Obama's stance on abortion is sometimes overlooked.