Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Parts Of Us Just Never Grow Up :)

Hehe, Matt might kill me for posting this - but I have to! :) On Sunday I was getting ready while Matt was taking a shower and I heard some light singing coming from the bathroom. I decided to listen a little closer and sure enough I could hear someone singing softly. I said, "Matt, are you singing in there?" He said his usual, "You can't prove anything!" I finally got him to admit that he was singing and he was in fact singing a child's prayer which is even cuter/funnier. I hope this makes you smile as much as it made me smile :)


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...


laura d said...

kolt sings in the shower all the time, and not even quiet. the best part is that he isn't what you'd call a great singer. So it's pretty hilarious. AND if he knows you're listening, he'll sing even LOUDER. hahaha boys are funny

The Everett's said...

Ryan often sings disney songs. He's proud of it though :)