Thursday, October 2, 2008

5 MonthS! :)

We made the best decision of our lives 5 months ago today! :) It has gone by so fast - but at the same time it seems like we have known each other forever! We recently passed the one year mark since our first date last September 27th! It seems like just yesterday that we made the somewhat awkward drive to the Hale Center Theater in West Jordan to see The Secret Garden - a play I had already seen just a few days before, and one that he was hardly interested in watching. I don't think either of us expected a 2nd date... but one thing led to another and here we are! I altered a few of our wedding pictures and I'm going to post them just for fun - even though I know you have seen plenty! What's a blog post without pictures anyway?

The one above is my favorite! I think I'll print it :)


The Clingo Family said...
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The Clingo Family said...

BEAUTIFUL wedding photos! I can't believe its been 5 months! I feel like I was just at your reception! haha. oh and I wanted to tell you, whenever I get my Purell hand sanitizer out of my purse to use I ALWAYS think of you because Purell reminds me so much of Purcell haha :)

karla said...

Beautiful pictures - good work on the edits!