Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Life Changing Story:

I can't help but share this on my blog. I first came upon this announcement a couple of days ago while blog surfing. Then I came upon the actual blog of Stephanie (click on "about Nie" then click on "NieNie Dialogues") and was able to read about the Nielson family before the accident. It wasn't long before tears were rolling down my cheeks as I saw pictures of this beautiful family and their sweet children. I think this post that really hit me was one entitled, "I love my life" followed by pictures of Stephanie's family. Sometimes I wonder why things like this happen to such wonderful people, but I know that we have a loving father in heaven who is watching out for us and the Nielson family will not be alone in their struggles. This story really puts things in perspective for me. I want to live life to it's fullest and I'm so grateful for my relationships with family and friends. Maybe that is why these things happen - to inspire the rest of us. To remind us what is important, and most of all to give us a chance to serve and take part in a miracle - and a miracle it is. I'm positive that any prayers offered in their behalf would be appreciated.
This is the link for her sisters blog - here you can read updates about the status of Christian and Stephanie and their family. There is also an option to donate as well. May we all love a little more, serve a little more, laugh a lot more, and live a little better.