Monday, September 1, 2008

Cabins and College Football:

This weekend we went to Kenny's cabin in Heber with some friends, Kenny & Jamie, Nicole & Andrew (and their little girl Brook - so cute :)) and a few other friends who came and went :) On Friday night we drove up to the cabin, ate dinner (Pizza), chatted and watched a movie (Outbreak). Saturday morning Matt and I went for a walk. Then Jamie, Nicole and I went shopping at the Park City Outlets. I found a really cute Sunday outfit and t-shirt at banana republic, I also found a cute brown hat at Gap - Matt loves hats so I had to get it. Then we made our way slowly to Provo through the traffic to meet the guys. Our football seats aren't by them but we sat by our other friends Landon and Julie and had a blast - though it was EXTREMELY hot! GO COUGARS!!! After the game we went back to Kenny & Jamie's apartment to get a couple things. Then we grabbed something to eat and head back up to the cabin in Heber. When we got home from the football game we found the little rhodent we had been trying to catch earlier that morning... he had done a suicide dive into the toilet and that was were we found him - poor chipmunk :( (see picture below) We sat and talked and laughed forever and then went to bed. Sunday morning we slept in. Then we had a picnic (chicken salad sandwhiches) and played killer bunnies in the back yard - it's a card game ;) Then we relaxed and watched Jumper the movie. After dinner (pulled pork sandwhiches) we watched Paycheck then Matt and I sat on the balcony and listened the rain - it stormed SO much while we there! Then we went to sleep with the rain pounding on the roof. This morning we woke up and got ready then we went out on the four wheelers with Kenny. It had been storming all morning but had cleared up a little. As soon as we took the four wheelers out it started to hail... it wasn't too bad if you were standing in it but riding a four wheeler in it was a little painful! It felt like the hail was cutting your face. It was SO cold - but so fun. We went through some pretty muddy spots. Then Matt let me drive. We were following Kenny as he went over this hill/jump. I didn't really pay attention to how fast he hit it and I gunned it... we FLEW haha I looked down at Matt's leg - and it was about shoulder height to me. Then I looked at the ground and realized how much air we just caught! Luckily neither of us fell off cause we weren't wearing helmets. Kenny had stopped to watch and was laughing hysterically. haha It was such a fun weekend - Thanks Kenny and Jamie! :) Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Matt on our walk

Matt squinting - he isn't a huge fan of pictures ;)

Me on our walk :)

I took a couple cool pictrues while we were out walking:

Landon and Julie at the game - go cougars! :)

Matt and I at the game

The poor chipmunk in the toilet - this was how Matt found him when he went to use the bathroom and thought someone didn't flush -this is just another reason to put the toilet lid down I say! haha We were all trying to figure out what this little guy was thinking when he jumped in the toilet??? haha Then we figured his brain can't be very big - so probably not much.

Matt and I on the four wheeler right before our crazy ride! :)

The beautiful cabin where we stayed.

Our bedroom - we seriously felt like we were sleeping in a room at the anniversary inn - such a beautiful cabin!

The sitting room in our bedroom

Our bathroom - notice our toilet lid is closed - no chipmunks in there! hehe


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Looks like fun! I love all the pictures:) That had to be the longest BYU game ever though...I hope it isn't as hot next time!

Lana said...

Oh my gosh, I stayed at a cabin friday and the bathroom had a sign that said beware of squirrels. I thought it was a joke til the guy explained that his grandma had a squirrel pop out of the toilet on her once! hahahaha!

Lisa said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend.
Every time I check out your blog Kamryn says "see the princess. See the prince. They're getting married. he's going to kiss." And every time I get on the computer she wants to see the princess.

Linnea said...

Looks like lots of fun. :-)