Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Decorations... ALREADY?!

So I know it's a little early for Christmas decorations... but I couldn't help myself! We don't have our tree up yet but here are the works so far :)

This is the wreath on our door - it looks so cozy!

This is the wreath again so you can see it a little better

This is the little Christmas tree in our bedroom :) It's so cozy and cute.

Our entertainment center decked out - it's a little blurry but I like the lighting better.

You can see this one a little better :)

This is the cute little snowman on our end table :) I wish we had more room to decorate, but we do what we can and it's cozy and I love it!


The Clingo Family said...

super cute Christmas decorations!!! :) Christmas is definitely the best time of year! :)

The Godfreys said...

oh they look so cute! you are a very good decorator! we bought ours today... but I promised my husband I wont put them up until after thanksgiving.... i dont know if I can wait though!

The Bennion's said...

How cute!! I am so jealous, Bryce won't let me put up decorations unil after Thanksgiving. I am so sad =( I love having Christmas decorations up for thanksgiving because it really does make the holiday more cozy! Good for you!!