Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holy War.

So tomorrow is the big day and I can't wait! Not only because I am a big BYU fan, but because Matt is an even BIGGER BYU fan and has been talking about it non-stop... almost ;) Well I just thought I would share this funny conversation with you quickly...
So Matt calls me on Wednesday morning at work and says, "Babe, I can get us tickets to the BYU / Utah game!" I say, "Oh really? Where? How much are they?" He says, "Well I was sitting here at work and I saw a listing in the news paper that someone would switch two tickets to the game for two tickets to Wicked!" Me- "Hahahaha - you are cute Matt, but no." I also had to remind him that he only has ONE ticket ;) Needless to say - we will be watching the game on TV, I wasn't about to trade culture in for sports. Besides I'll be much warmer watching it on TV with lots of food and family - GO COUGARS! :)