Friday, November 21, 2008

Matt and I the Match-Makers:

On Wednesday Matt and I set his friend Tony up with my friend Steph. First we went to the Jazz game - here are a few pictures from the game :) Oh and they WON! :)

Steph and Tony at the Game:)

Steph and Tony at the game again - I just like this picture cause there is a lady flexing in the background :) haha

Matt and I at the Game :)

Steph eating our yummy salad - we got pasta too but there aren't any pictures :)

Steph and I feeding each other - I love this girl we are kindred spirits :)

Tony and His Burger

Matt and his burger! mmmm

Look how big these are?!

His face disappears...

Steph and Tony with the HUGE burger!

I didn't really eat any of it.. sick! haha

Apparently the pickle on his lip was hot cause this was right before he said, "Ouch! Hot pickle!"

Matt's burger after he was done with it - it was HUGE! I'm proud for him eating what he did and he felt sick enough - I can't imagine how Tony felt afterward! We didn't even take this home cause he was so sick after just watching Tony eat the whole thing!

Starting to get sick...

And sicker...

The LAST bite! Look at that plate! I can't believe they gave him fries too! haha


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

WOW!! Now THAT is a BIG burger..LOL! That is too funny...I am pretty sure Ryan would be in heaven with a burger that big hahaha:)

laura d said...

Woh, that was intense!! It makes my tummy hurt just thinking about eating that much food...especially now that a large portion of my abdomen is being occupied by another human being.

Teandra said...

I haven't seen Tony forever! He's funny. Where did you get those huge burgers?

Bryan and Sarah Robertson said...

That looks like it was such a fun date! The burgers look way too big, but I'd love to help eat the fries!