Monday, November 3, 2008

Costumes and Sugar Cookies for Date Night:

For date night on Thursday Matt and I made a trip to Zurchers (pronounced Zurkers in case you were wondering - my old hair dresser married one of the owners). There we found our amazing Halloween Costumes (pictures to come). Matt was way excited :) Then we came home and made sugar cookies (thanks to Lisa's amazing recipe)! I however had a little trouble thinking clearly as it was getting pretty late... See we started making the cookies and Matt was helping me - as he was mixing he thought they seemed a little dry - but I told him it was fine and that we needed to be able to roll them out so they were probably the right consistency... We made all the cookies cut them all out and cooked them. I thought they weren't turning out quite how I remembered them... they were a little dry and flat. Then I started making the icing. I went to thaw the butter a little in the microwave and found 2 cubes of margarine in the micro wave that were supposed to be put in the cookies... OPPS! Matt says they still taste fine - so I guess we just made low fat sugar cookies...? haha

Matt being my cute little helper :)

He just loves cooking and wearing that hot apron ;) j/k

Take note of my cute apron - that's all thanks to my friend Annie and her mad sewing skils :)

Matt and I in our hot aprons getting ready to cook :) Date night is the best night of the week! :)


The Clingo Family said...

haha! I've done something like that before too! and I agree, date night is the best!! :)

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

LOL! Sounds like fun...I can totally see you forgetting the butter haha!

Lexi said...

Funny thing is - I've actually been confused about how to pronounce Zurchers. I went there a few weeks ago and none of us knew how to say the name right. Now I know!