Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween at Lexis Nexis:

For work I had a lazy costume... I wore my scrubs and was a nurse - it was a good excuse to be comfy all day :) For Halloween the decorated the halls and had a contest for the best decorated hall, and a costume contest and a huge pot luck lunch. Then in the after noon they had little kids come trick or treating to our desks :) I left at four to head home and start the rest of our Halloween festivities.

My friend Sarah and I at work - she is one of my many cute prego friends at work :) Sorry Laura - I didn't even think to take a picture till after you left! :( You should be in this!

I love my job :)


The Clingo Family said...

No way! I was a nurse for Halloween too and I wore my scrubs from our CNA class (and name badge). haha! Sad part was that when we got our scrubs they use to be so big and baggy on me and when I put them on for Halloween (thinking they would be a really comfy Halloween costume) they were SO tight and uncomfortable! guess being pregnant will do that haha.

keep posting! I love reading everyone's posts when I am bored and have nothing to do at work! :)