Monday, November 3, 2008

Family Halloween Party at Mom and Dad Purcell's:

Last year at the Purcell family party I met Matt's family for the first time :) I have fond memories of the that night and I think it was the first time I really thought, "Hey maybe I'll marry this guy." ;) This year was fantastic! We started out by shooting things in the back yard - it's kind a tradition :)

Here is dad trudging through the bushes looking for Matt's arrow... he is actually a pretty good shot - he just missed this first one :) I just thought this was a funny picture because he was already dressed in a sheet for the Roman Murder Mystery Dinner :)

This is the target board - water balloons and a pumpkin - There were two other water balloons but Matt hit them with the bow and arrow. See I told you he was a good shot ;)

My Man :)

This is a little blurry - but this is me shooting the BB gun (?) :)

James shooting the bow and arrow :)

Matt with the gun :)

Dad shooting the arrow :)

The whole fam - minus Steph - she was taking the picture. This was our attire for the Roman Murder Mystery Dinner :) Steph, James, Michael, Stacie, Mom, Dad, Me and Matt

I just love Matt's face in this :) I was Cleptopatra (I stole statues) and Matt was Licentious Caesar (the king)

Haha - every time I look at this picture I laugh - this is Steph and James in their costumes :)

Michael (he was in character and wouldn't smile) and Stacie :)

For dinner we had amazing roast, salad, bread and sparkling apple juice.

Matt and I we were in the middle of a "steamy love affair" as the script said but truth be told I couldn't stand him and was merely using him for ulterior motives, haha this was such a great Idea and we all loved it!

Matt and I in our attire :)

For dessert we had delicious Cinnamon Rolls and sang to Dad and Michael for their birthdays...

After dessert we watched the Rear Window and ate roasted pumpkin seeds :) It was such a fun way to spend Halloween night :)