Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Fun Weekend:

This weekend was a fun one ... but it went by far too quickly! :) On Friday after work I drove to Salt Lake to visit my best friend from high school Steph Egbert :) I picked her up and we sat and talked for a while before we headed out to go shopping :) There were two HUGE car accidents on the free way and it was closed down to 1 lane so we couldn't get off at the exit for Fashion Place Mall... we ended up heading towards the airport and decided we should just hop on a plane to Europe. So we did... haha I wish! No but we had to go all the way to Redwood road and had to turn around. Turns out the whole night was like this while we were driving... haha it was quite the adventure. Shopping was fun - I just love this girl! We got something to eat in the food court and sat there for about an hour and half just talking - it was always like this in high school... no entertainment needed - we can talk about ANYTHING for hours! :) Shopping was fun and we both got a few things. Then we went to my parents and house and sat and talked to them for a couple more hours... it was so fun! :) Then my mom made us banana milkshakes. Then I took Steph home and made the drive back to Provo. While I was having girly time Matt had a video game night with 15 of his buddies at his bosses house and had a great time :) When he get home neither of us were very tired so we stayed up till 3:15 am watching movies :) haha Then we went to bed. Saturday morning we slept in... till 10:30 :) haha then we went to the BYU football game. After that we came home and relaxed until about 6:30 when we went to some friends in our ward's apartment to have a double date night. We made home made pizza's and watched some of Brian Regan.. we are obsessed. (This is so much more fun to watch with Matt by the way cause he laughs hysterically) Then we watched August Rush and had movie treats. Such a great movie and such a fun night :) Yesterday was just a relaxing day. I wasn't feeling well so Matt made dinner and took care of me while I watched TV and embroidered. Sorry I should have at least taken some pictures of Steph and I!