Monday, November 10, 2008

Saturday's Thankful For:

Our monitor broke... yep we bought it less than 3 months ago and it will only turn on for about 3 seconds... :P But Matt took it in to Best Buy today and they gave us a new one - that's good service if you ask me :) Anyway I'm trying to keep up on this so for Saturday's thankful for - I'm thankful for Friends. These are a couple pictures taken from our wedding :)

Some of my Brighton High school girl friends :) I love them all and they were so sweet to throw me a shower. I'm grateful to have such wonderful friends :) Back row: Tressa, Rachel, Sam, Dani, Michelle, Steph (this is my best friend from high school that I played with on Friday). Front Row: Annie Fogg, Angela, Annie Rasmussen, Jamie.

These are a few of my girl friends from Lone Peak High School :) I love these girls and they were friends with me even in my awkward years ;) hehe Jill Alger Putnam, Rachel Moon, Alyssa Kingston, Serena Hardy and Annie Millar (We have been friends since we were 4 and I just love her! :))

Some of my friends from college :) Rachel, Bryce, Tia, and Kristine

I love being surrounded by friends and I don't think I could make it through this world without them!