Friday, November 14, 2008

Pictures From The Reception That I Never Posted:

My Bridesmaids and I - Stephanie, Stacie, Me, Stephanie, Annie

Matt's Family

Matt and I and His Parents

Purcell Siblings

My Family :)

My Mom and I

Dad and I

My nieces and I :)

My Siblings and I

I love this picture of Katelyn :) Such a cutie.

Matt and some of his friends :)

My Nephew Derek - so cute :)

Paula playing the cello - I love this girl :)

Some of the Pinegar family at the reception :)

Mikayla helping with the gifts.

Katelyn helping with gifts.

The boy cousins Kevin, John, James and Brandon

Matt and I cutting the cake

This is when Matt got a handful of fondant icing... and only the icing... and fed it to me... then I tried to pretend it tasted good so people would eat the cake :) haha

Me about to throw the bouquet

Throwing the bouquet...

All the girls after Ali caught it :)

Matt removing my garter

Matt throwing/shooting? the garter

The guys after Jason caught the garter :)

Ashley, Matt and I

Matt's friends and I

Matt and I leaving :)


Our car... could be worse right? haha It was filled with balloons too.

Matt helping me shove my dress in the car... it was huge!

I couldn't see out the front window and we had to put the seat back - but I got my princess dress



Bryan & Sarah said...

We finally bought a computer, so I finally checked out your blog. I love your reception pictures! It looks like it was a great party. We wish we could have been there! If you want to check our blog, our address is

Julie said...

You look gorgeous in your wedding reception pics! It's so fun to see them.