Monday, December 15, 2008

Adventurous Date Night :)

For Date Day/Night on Saturday Matt and I relaxed and watched Gilmore girls in the afternoon. Then we took an excursion to JoAnn's for Fabric... my husband is so patient :) haha We actually had TONS of fun shopping for fabric for my latest obsession / hobby - baby quilts. Matt was getting really excited and was a good sport. He even had a teenage girl come up to him and say, "You are the only guy in here so can I ask your advice? I'm making a blanket for my boyfriend so, if a girl made you a blanket would you want these colors or these ones?" Who would have thought that Matt, pretty much the biggest guys guy ever, would get asked for advice in a craft store!? haha That cracked me up :) The fabric was such a good price! We only paid $2.50 a yard for flannel :) So we bought enough fabric for 7 blankets! And we got batting and Thread all for about 75 dollars! Considering I paid almost $45 for the last ONE, that was a steal!

We were planning on going to Target to get a few things after ward but we were shopped out! So we decided to go for dinner, I really wanted Gandolfo's and wouldn't settle for anything else... nothing else sounded good to me. We weren't sure if they would still be open but decided it was worth a try. For some reason didn't realize how far down it was on center street so we ended up walking 5 block in the snow, but it was actually really fun and quite the adventure. We were sure we were going to get there and find that it was closed... but it was open! We went in and ordered our food. We decided on breakfast sandwiches so we ordered 3 polo grounds, 2 for Matt and 1 for me :) If you know what those are they are sandwiches made of egg, bacon and lots of melted cheese with salt and pepper on an AMAZING poppy seed bun :) Something happened and their electricity on their grill went out so it took a really long time to get our food. We just enjoyed sitting a talking. When our food was finally done they had run out of the amazing buns and instead stuck them on normal buns :( But she gave us two free drinks to make up for it... then we started eating our sandwiches and there was no cheese on them! I really like Gandolfo's but they must have been having a bad night! I was really nice about it but I went and told her that there was no cheese on our sandwiches but that we didn't really want to wait again for our food so I asked if we could just get our money back. She was really nice about it and apologized and gave us all of our money back... Matt was pretty proud of me... for some reason he thinks I don't do that sort of thing normally? haha He is always trying to get me to return things / stand up for myself... to which he beams with pride... little does he know I do it on my own haha So we then made the long trek to our car with free food and drinks in hand - Matt was pretty happy about this and insisted that I blog about it :) We then brought our food home and put cheese on it and put it in the oven and ate it :) It wasn't quite as good, but hey it was free and Matt thought it tasted better... haha We then watched the BYU basket ball game and the really cheesy hallmark Christmas movie that we rented from Blockbuster :) I included some pictures below :)

Our free food and drinks - my apple juice was amazing for some reason, best apple juice I've ever had!

Pictured below are all the fabrics for the quilts I'm going to make :)

I'm so excited! :)


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Sounds Fun:) Looks like you got some way cute fabric! It is much funner to buy when it is on sale:)

Lisonbee Family said...


Bryan and Sarah said...

I love long dates when it doesn't matter what you do or what happens, just that you're together. Awesome deal on the free sandwiches! I also love your baby blanket fabrics. It's more fun sewing when the fabric was a good deal.

laura d said...

I like your fabric choices! Looks like fun and now I kind of want Gandolfo's.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The Clingo Family said...

oh my goodness! i wanted that SAME fabric from Joannes! the one with all the baby jungle animals (the elephant, hippo, lion...)my mom and i saw it there a few weeks ago and i REALLY wanted to make a blanket with it because it is such CUTE fabric! (plus i'm decorating Noah's room in a jungle theme) but i ended up getting a cut and tie blanket with other jungle animals on it instead and i have been meaning to go back to get that material! Way to get a head start!! :)