Friday, December 12, 2008

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert:

This concert was AMAZING! The guest artists were incredible as well. There is nothing like seeing a concert like this live! The spirit there was strong and the talent was unbelievable! Oh my goodness, I can't do it justice I just wish you all could have been there! Here are some pictures we took from the night :)

Steph and Tony before the concert

Matt and I before the concert, look how thrilled he is to have his picture taken! ;)

All four of us at the concert :)

Steph and I after the concert

Steph and I being goofy

Matt and Tony... haha they love getting pictures taken together...

Matt and I

Some of the lights on temple square

The beautiful Salt Lake Temple

It was such a fun night! :) My only complaints would be lack of parking, this was really frustrating and I had to keep reminding Matt that we can't make people learn how to drive, we just have to deal with their life endangering silly driving. We finally found a spot forever away and just walked. The other thing that was a little disappointing was how much they had cut down on lighting in and around temple square :( But it was still pretty and we had a great time! :)


Teandra said...

I was in that last year! I'm going tomorrow. My husband hates traffic EVERY time we go ANYWHERE he gets mad at it.

Mark, Stef, and Grace said...

What a fun date! You and your friend are so cute. You guys look a lot alike too. I thought she was you at first! Ha ha. I noticed you colored your hair, it looks great!

Bryan and Sarah said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I'll bet the concert was amazing! Parking can be a problem; if you hate parking and drivers, don't even bother in San Francisco. Anyway, I'm so glad you went to the concert; it looks like it was great! The girls you babysat also look so cute and nice!