Monday, December 1, 2008

If you care...

Happy Thanksgiving... late! :) We had an awesome fun filled weekend! So AWESOME and fun-filled that I forgot to take pictures... :( But here is a little summary about our weekend :0)

Tuesday: was my last day of work last week so I celebrated but going up to South Jordan to see Hello Dolly at Bingham High School (Matt's High School) with Mary and Rachel (some of our friends from Matt's High School days :)). They did such a great job, Rachel's sister was Dolly and she was perfect for the part and super cute! :)

Wednesday: I had the day off so I slept in :) Then I went to run some errands and get the oil changed... hoped I wouldn't see anyone I knew... then I came home and showered and got ready. Matt came home early from work and we took dinner up to his parents house to party :) After dinner we played games and watched the movie 13 days :)

Thursday: morning we got up and got ready then ate breakfast. After breakfast we watched some old family movies that Matt's family just put on the computer. Then we made some food for thanksgiving and headed down to Grandma Palmer's for Thanksgiving lunch :) After lunch at Matt's grandma's we headed to my aunt's house for dinner. We had a blast at Brenley and Eric's too :) Then we headed home to our apartment to relax and go to bed :)

Friday: morning didn't hold any shopping for us :) Just sleeping in :) We got ready and headed to South Jordan again for a family party. We got there early so Matt could go to the mall with his dad to get a new cell phone. I went with mom and Stacie to wash the car, go craft shopping and grocery shopping. Then we came home and finished getting the food ready before the rest of the family came. We had another turkey which we used for sandwiches and tons of other food :) then we played games and relaxed while hanging out with the family. Then we headed to my parents house to play with them :) When we got there we decided to get out for a while and go to Smith's Market Place. We got a few things, like a cheese ball with crackers and amazing sparkling pomegranate juice. When we got home we were all hungry so we made Thai Pizza's and regular pizza for Matt hehe. It was really good. Then we went to my previous young woman leader's house to visit and borrow some movies. We watched the Santa Clause and went to bed :)

Saturday: morning we had a big breakfast then Matt and I headed to Salt Lake to pick out my Christmas present and get it ordered... It's my gorgeous wedding band and I'm SO excited! We had them attached... or whatever that's called and I don't want to see it or wear it until Christmas so that I have something to open - but it is going to be SO pretty and I'm super excited! Then we went to Gateway to do some more Christmas shopping. We had fun walking around and we even ran into my aunt and uncle (Brenley and Eric). Then we met up with our friends Tony and Steph and went back to Tony's apartment to watch John Q. Then Matt and I left to meet up with by brother Sterling and Hayley for dinner :) We went to Thai Spice in Murray - I LOVE this restaurant because the food is SO good, it's not too expensive and you get TONS of food, Matt and I could share a meal but we usually get our own so we can take it home. My favorite meal, and it's the best is the Yellow Curry, I think it's called Gang Garee...? And The Mango Coconut Rice for dessert is a MUST :) Mmmm.... Then we drove back to Provo, unpacked, and watched Kung Foo Panda... or rather Matt watched it and I fell asleep like usual :) But the part I saw was really cute :)

Sunday: I wasn't feeling that great so we slept in and went to church then we just relaxed the rest of the night and enjoyed our break :) Well I relaxed and Matt did homework :) But still... All in all it was a GREAT weekend! Sorry there aren't any pictures and if you made it through my rambling congrats! :)


Hayley said...

That was fun going to dinner. That restaurant was awesome! Love it. I want to see your wedding band. We will have to get together more often.

Teandra said...

When we got engaged my husband bought, along with the ring, 2 bands. When we got married he surprised me in the temple with one of them, then last Christmas he gave me the last one for a 'late' anniversary gift. Fun!

Bryan and Sarah said...

Your Thanksgiving weekend sounds like it was so much fun! You guys know how to party! When we come visit, we'll have to go out to eat Thai or Indian food with you - I love it too!

Friendly Blogger said...
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