Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Pictures and Christmas Baking:

Matt and I went to my parents house on Friday for some fun and Christmas Baking :) Mom wanted to take a few pictures in the freshly fallen snow (so fresh that it is still falling in these pictures) But I thought they turned out pretty well for tripod pictures in the front yard :)

Mom and I goofing off - didn't know this was being taken,

All of us by the lamp post

I thought this was a cool picture of my parents railing on their back deck, look at all that snow! :) It's so pretty

The decorations that remind me of home :)

Matt our good little helper ;)

He had to try really hard to roll that dough ;)

A few cutouts later and they are ready for the oven :)

Mom making shortbread cookies

Dad and Matt making shortbread cookies and putting the cherries on top :)

He he Matt's smile is priceless

Matt and I frosted all of these!

Dad and Matt made these they are orange shortbread dipped in melted chocolate and crushed pecans.

My favorites - shortbread cookies

Mincemeat bars with almond icing - also my favorite and they are making me hungry!

Chocolate covered almonds :)

Lemon bars (I somehow missed the pecan bars :))

Haha my mom just kept laughing at how messy the kitchen was and said it was fun - their kitchen is NEVER messy

Hehe... some of the baked goods are missing some flour I think :)

Mom and I in our aprons :)

And us being immature as usual :)


megan... said...

Love the Christmas baking and messes! Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Bryan and Sarah said...

I love your baking and snow pictures! They really get me into the Christmas spirit! I love how you and your mom covered each other in flour! I'm excited to see the snow when I come!