Thursday, December 11, 2008

Work Christmas Party:

Last night Matt and I went to my work Christmas party. It was at UVU and we had dinner and an awards ceremony. Then they gave each of us 1000 chips to gamble with and they had a ton of games set up, Matt stuck to Texas hold'em... I just watched. haha While we played games a band played on stage. At the end of the games they gave us tickets based on how many chips we had left (500 chips per ticket) Matt and I ended up with 11,500, we got a couple tickets from friends and then they gave prizes to the top 4 game winners we tied for 3rd place! :) I had to tell Matt that it's a little different when you play with real money ;) I also got pulled out for the raffle and won an I-Pod. Below are some pictures from the event...

Matt, Kolt, and Laura with their poker faces...? Matt's isn't so good - we'll have to work on that.

Matt's checking Kolts cards out in this one...

Ya neither of these boys was doin' too well with the poker faces!

The guy sitting to Matt's right won big and then lost it all playing at another table - it's all luck!

The band - a couple people I work with are up there

Laura and Kolt :)

Matt and I in our "cocktail attire" :)

My friend Laura and I - look how cute she is! Can you believe that she is 6 months pregnant!?

Matt and I in front of the tree - there is a funny glare on Matt's face and he is holding some blue tickets behind my back - but it's still a pretty good picture :)
Matt's work party is today and they are taking everyone to Tucanos... by everyone I mean employee's only and it's during work - LAME!


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Looks like fun! Work Christmas Parties are always a good time:)

Teandra said...

We had that gambling company come to our christmas party last year. Fun stuff!

Lisonbee Family said...


Bryan and Sarah said...

What a fun work party! I would keep that job!