Friday, January 9, 2009

Moving! :)

So Matt and I decided to move into grandma's basement so that she would be able to stay there and not have to be by herself. So we spent the whole week of New Years paining and packing and moving and unpacking! I will take more pictures soon :) But this is from me putting the dresser together that we got for Christmas, Matt was watching the Utah football game, but he did help me undo a couple of mistakes I made :) hehe

This was seriously the bag of screws, nuts, bolts, pegs and nails that they gave me to put the dresser together... I used them all!

The finished product! I love it! Please notice the green walls :) I love them!

I put our bed together as well, the nightstands aren't attached yet in this picture, but they are now!


carly said...

i like the green walls.

laura d said...

ooooo the walls are a nice color!! They kind of remind me of my nursery, but not as bright. Good choice!

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Don't you love all the pieces that dressers have to put them together LOL! Cute walls...looks like fun:)