Friday, January 9, 2009

Grandpa Holden's Funeral Luncheon

The funeral went well, and it was such a nice tribute to Grandpa. I have a lot of family that came down from Canada for the funeral - it was so fun to see everyone :) Melissa took some great pictures so I took them from her blog and thought I should post them :)

Aunt Jane & Aunt Doreen

My niece Katelyn enjoying some cake

My niece Whitney with cake all over her face :)

Cousin Ashley & Uncle Shane

My Nephew Derek getting all his energy out after sitting so well through a 2 hour funeral :)

Uncle Mark & Cousin Ashley

Savannah & Jacob-Cousins

Uncle Eric, Aunt Brenley, & Savannah

Cousin Sarah, Hayley & Sterling (Brother & sister-in-law)

Sarah & Brenley

Brenley & Ashley

Matt and I :)

Cousin Cody & Shane

Grandma Holden & my cute nieces :)

Mom, Brenley, Grandma, Shane, & Mark


Anonymous said...

Hello- I have been looking for Brenley for a while now. When She moved to Provo with her parents she lived in my ward. We were best friends. After I went on a mission and she married Eric I have only seen her a couple of times at her home in Alpine. That has been many years ago. Can you get word to her to call me or catch me on face book. My name is Bonnee Macdonald Taggart. My cell is 208-604-2464. Please let her know! Thanks and Merry Christmas. And I was sad to here about Jack. He was a great man.