Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Day :)

Me and Matt's Stockings... with the baby stocking...

We slept at my parents house Christmas Eve and had an early morning Christmas with them...

The living room Christmas Morning

Mom making breakfast casserole... mmmm

Matt and I in our Christmas Jammies

Matt and I with our stockings

Us with the baby stocking... haha it was actually inside of my stocking which gave us the idea to pull Matt's leg and tell him it was a stocking for "our new baby" hehe... someday when I'm actually pregnant he will never believe me...

I love Matt's face in this one... My mom told us to pull something out for the picture and show each other... Matt pulled out this tiny Almond Joy... I pulled out this huge powerade (my favorite) BAM! Matt thought that was pretty funny :)

Orange in the toe

Matt giving me my gift...

My wedding band! :) It looks so pretty! (It's pictured in a post below)

Showing off my ring

I made Matt admire it :)

Mom opening gifts

Picture CD

Judd with his Ishuffle

Steph Egbert gave me this adorable necklace and a scarf and gloves... not pictured - luv ya ;)

Matt's gift from me - P 90 X... time to lose those extra holiday pounds ;)

They blind folded us for one of our gifts that they couldn't wrap... This was our karate pose

They walked us out to the garage and they had bought us the dresser for our bedroom set! Now we have the whole set - we were so excited :)

Then we went to Matt's parents house...

Michael with his new hat from Christmas morning :)

After opening gifts - we got the whole set of our favorite hard bound scriptures - we have the book of mormon already. Then we got the traditional season tickets to Hale Center Theater to go with the whole family, an ornament from grandma, and a gift card to outback steakhouse from James and Steph

We gave Mom a gift card to Macy's and an apron and potato peeler from Spoons and Spice and Dad got a season of 24 :)

Brandon and Baby Evie

At Grandma Palmers house :)

Brooke, Brandon and Baby Evie

Matt and Mom :)

After grandma Palmers house we went to my aunts house. We had a lot of family fly in from Canada for the funeral and it was SO fun to see them all :)


laura d said...

hey when matt gets tired of working out, you could send that p90x do-hicky over here!! Kolt talks about it all the time, but we don't have a door-jam to put a pull-up bar in so it's kinda pointless to start the program (well, buy the program)....He'd be jealous!

The Clingo Family said...

the pictures of you and matt with your new ring are adorable! especially with the Christmas pj's! and the post you made a few days ago with your new wedding band and engagement ring is SO pretty! :)