Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Festivites, As Promised :)

On Friday night we went to partay with my parents. First we went to Macaroni Grill. I forgot my camera so this is the best we got from Judd's camera phone... Notice Matt apparently can't open his eyes for pictures... he is pretty photogenic...

Matt and I... would have been a great picture ;)

Matt and I again... there was actually a second attempt before this one where his eyes were closed as well!

They brought me cake for my birthday and the waiter sang happy birthday in Italian... yep just one waiter. Everyone was looking at me and it sounded like he was serenading me... awkward. Notice Matt's eyes are still closed - oh how I love him haha

Then we went back home and opened presents and they got me flowers!

I like this picture of us :)

Just for fun :)


Opening presents

My card - sometimes the best things come in small packages! I got the resistance bands I asked for and I get to go on a shopping spree... more on that later.

Mom and Dad right before we played catch phrase. We played dad and Matt vs. Mom and I. My favorite part was probably when dad leaned across the table and asked Matt, "Do you know?..." and Matt said, "The Muffin Man!" haha. Then my mom made me her famous banana milk shakes... mmm... I wanted these instead of cake :)

On Saturday Dad, Mom, and Michael Purcell came down to play with us. We had pizza and salad and drinks. We spent most of the time talking and then went to yoasis mmm... if you can't tell I'm not a huge fan of cake... :) They gave me a season of Gilmore Girls which was SO sweet of them and I'm super excited.

Dad and Michael at Yoasis

Mom, Matt and I at Yoasis

Mom and Dad Purcell also brought me flowers... funny enough they were the exact flowers my parents had given me so we just added them to the bunch.

On Sunday James & Steph, Brandon & Brooke and Baby evie came over to play for a while and it was fun to see them all. We watched rush hour two and then the tail end of the OSCARs... just in time for Sean Penn's ridiculous speech haha.

On Monday I only worked till noon and it was nice! I was going to go and get a massage but the only time I could go they only had a "male therapist" ha. I'll go later thanks. So Matt and I went shopping instead... I was gonna go on my shopping "spree" per my parents but I couldn't find ANYTHING! :( It was kind of sad and by the time we left the mall I was tired and not feeling that great. So we came home and relaxed. I took a nap and it was SO nice. Then Matt made me dinner and we had our version of cake...
Haha We really lit this and Matt sang to me - what a sweet heart.

Me with my "cake" I tell you what, that was the best cake I have ever had! Then I opened presents from Matt. He tricked me by having me open half of them and then saying, "Do you want your other presents?" and went and got the rest. Then we spent the night relaxing and watched 24.


Lisonbee Family said...


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Looks like good times!:) For some reason I am craving ice cream REALLY BAD now...LOL!!

carly said...

love love love half baked! i haven't had it in so long! wish we had that at work for your birthday instead! ha ha. mental note...do not bring steph cake!

Bryan and Sarah said...

I love the picture of your birthday! It looks like you had so much fun! I'm not a big fan of cake either; I like your new creation!