Friday, February 20, 2009

Birthday Weekend :)

So I'm turning the big 2-0 on Monday the 23rd. So we are celebrating all weekend and into next week. Matt makes fun of me for this - but I celebrate his birthday for a week too - much to his dismay :) My mom always made a big deal of birthday's in our family. Birthday morning she would put up a big birthday banner and balloons and make breakfast. Then I would skip school - the best part and we would to to lunch and shopping. Then we would have a birthday party with 20 little girls because we couldn't leave anyone out ;) haha The birthday parties I remember best were karaoke and ice skating. Oh and I think we even had one at McDonald's - classic. Anyway I'll have to take lots of pictures this weekend - but here is the plan:

Tonight (Friday) - We are going up to Salt Lake to my parents house. We are going out for dinner and then maybe shopping. Then we will either go bowling and get ice cream or go home and play games and have cake - or a mixture of all or some of those :) We are going to be spontaneous.

Tomorrow (Saturday)- Maybe I'll talk Matt into making me breakfast.... ;) I'll probably spend most of the day relaxing - making quilts and watching Gilmore girls with my best friend. It's a good thing he likes Gilmore girls or I'd just have to pull the, "But it's my birthday card." Then tomorrow night Matt's parents are coming down to play with us :) We'll get something to eat and play game and watch movies.

Sunday - Church of course where I get to go to young womens - YES! haha Then around 6 James and Stephanie (Matt's brother and his wife) and Brandon, Brooke and Evie (Matt's cousin and his wife and baby :)) will probably come over and we will eat food and play games and watch movies and most importantly - play with Evie.

Monday - I'm only working from 8-12. Then I'm going to go get a massage and Matt told me he would take me to get doughnuts... after dinner of course. We will go some where for dinner and I'll open presents :) Then maybe we'll go see a movie or go shopping or come home and do our favorite - relax :)

Tuesday - We are going to dinner with my sweet grandma who really wanted to take me out for my birthday :)

I'm serious... this is really my birthday plans. haha. I figure why not milk it while I can right? :) Matt's really excited too though I just keep telling him that I really just use my birthday as a good excuse to party with the people I love most :)... so I'll take pictures and post a post birthday post... hehe


Bryan and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! I love how you celebrate for a week. I'm going to have to start doing that!