Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dreams and Shirt-less Men:

As I was dreaming peacefully last night, (Matt says I was talking in my sleep - but I'm going to deny that fact) I suddenly hear Matt say, "Where did you put my shirt?!" I start to wake up thinking he is talking in his sleep and he says again, "Where did you put my shirt?!" I say, "What shirt?" He says, "The one I was wearing." At this point I'm completely confused and look over at him to see that he isn't wearing a shirt. He was wearing, and always wears, one to bed. He says, "Is it over there?" pointing to my side of the bed as he desperately looks everywhere trying to find his shirt and accusing me of taking it. He finally found it and put it back on and I laughed my self to sleep - literally. Apparently Matt - who is generally a really light sleeper - doesn't remember taking his shirt off - but somehow he woke up without a shirt on in the middle of the night. He still thinks I took it.


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

LOL!LOL! That is funny stuff right there!:)

The Martin Family said...

I have laughed myself to sleep many times since I married Ryan. I love being married. I am glad you do too!