Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Girls Night / Slumber Party!

I LOVE these girls :) On Friday night I had a girls night with 4 of my girl friends from high school - there were a few of us that couldn't make it and we missed you girls! But we had a blast! It was so fun to get together just laugh about the girls and laugh about memories and tease each other about funny things we have done :) First stop - dinner at Pizza Factory. We have been here a few times together so it was fun to go back. I'm tempted to list all the funny memories - but I'll put them at the bottom so you can skip them if you want :)

Alyssa and Jill waiting for our table at Pizza Factory - They were all making fun of me when I pulled out my camera. Lauren said she was sad that she forgot her camera - but then remembered that I would be there... What - I like taking pictures for memories! haha This was my 5th attempt for this one and they were all laughing at me :)

Me, Lauren and Paula - Paula was having kind of hard day - but it didn't take long to cheer her up and tease her every time she brought up that one boy ;)

Finally at dinner - Lauren kept making Jill laugh from the other side of the table - She couldn't get control of herself - hence the next picture...

We kicked her out of the picture. Haha

I love this one! haha These girls are hilarious - especially when they get together. It's no wonder the waitress had to come back about 6 times before we were finally ready to order haha.

Lauren and Paula

Paula was telling a story and I was going to get a kandid - but she stopped mid story to pull this pose - on Paula.

Opps - looks like Lauren dropped something down her shirt haha

After dinner we came back to our house and changed into our PJ's. We were going to watch movies but ended up talking till 1 am before we actually turned a movie on and all fell asleep :)

Jill and Lauren

Please take note of the black sports bra under her white shirt - oh Lauren. haha

Camera timers are wonderful....

Unless you aren't ready for the picture... haha This is a nice bum shot for me though!

Jill, Alyssa, Me, Lauren and Paula

I laughed so hard my stomach hurt - and it was so fun to catch up with all these cute girls who even loved me during my awkward stages - that's true friendship! Love you girls!

Funny Memories:

1. Last time we went to Pizza factory a few of us went to the bathroom together - as girls do. haha I was washing my hands when this girl who was talking to her friend in one of the stalls said, "Britney?" I said in a valley girl voice, "Oh my gosh, I totally thought you were talking to me because my name is Britney!" Then the girl in the stall says, "Stephanie!" and I say, "Britney!" haha We knew each other and she recognized my voice. Imagine the look on the other girls face - what are the chances?! I am still teased about this - but it's a funny memory :)
2. This is one we love to tease Paula about... Once upon a time Paula was driving down the freeway and she saw a duck - it was flying, but not very well. It looked like it had been wounded or already hit by another car. Paula using all of her intelligence swerved to miss the duck and saw a bunch of little baby ducks and then heard, "thud thud thud." She pulled over on the free way sobbing and throwing up - haha - this is horrible of us to laugh at her but it gets funnier... So this police officer seeing that she is pulled over stops and comes up to the car to find a teenage girl just SOBBING. He says, "What's the problem?" And all Paula can muster through her tears is, "Ducks!" haha She then proceeds to try and get out of the car to go and see if they are ok, but the police officer convinces her that that probably isn't a good idea. After calling and sobbing to her mom Paula gains enough composure to drive home. After this we did all sorts of horrible things like buy her stuffed ducks and leave notes on her car from the ducks. We still love to tease her and laugh about this.
3. One of our favorite things to do was order pizza and make music videos at my house. One night we ordered pizza and when the guy came and we were paying him a couple of our friends ran out the back door and got in the back seat of his car... Imagine this poor guys face when he got in and looks in the back seat to back up and sees these two teenage girls. They just laughed and got out... We were horrible I know but it was funny at the time.
4. After making this music video to "I just can't help falling in love by A-Teens" Someone gave a copy of it to the seminary teachers and they played it to all their classes on the last day of school... thank goodness it was the last day because that video was filled with girls jumping out of entertainment centers and dancing, girls lifting weights and blow dryers blowing our hair like the models do you know ;) haha Oh goodness. Apparently this video is still played to this day on the last day of school to all the seminary classes.

Oh I could go on and on - I just love these girls and we have loved each other at our weirdest :)


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

SO FUN!! Cute Pics:)

alyssa said...

thanks again for having us over steph! i really had soo much fun! and i'm pretty sure the picture where you did your face for matt is with me...not jill, haha. it was so good to see you again. i love you!!

Bryan and Sarah said...

Your girls night looks so fun! It's awesome that you have kept in touch with your high school friends!