Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lots of updates! :)

I've been a horrible blogger lately!! Apologies. Matt and I have been having lots of fun and we have been super busy. This weekend we are having a big family reunion with all of the Purcell's. It has been super fun so far and it's still going on... till Sunday. Other than playing with the family, I've just been enjoying my new job and staying busy - the time flies!

We are planning a family trip to Washington with Matt's family in August to visit family and also to go deep sea salmon fishing... oh and we'll also be staying in Forks for a few days... haha, I know the twilight books aren't real or anything, but it will be kinda cool just to see what it is like there. We will be spending some time in Seattle as well as going to the rain forest and the beach.

We found out on Thursday that I have to get an MRI, it all started with a few blood tests... something with my hormone levels and my pituitary gland... no worries though, it will just be nice to know what is going on. Unfortunately it will cut into the bank account a little as we just got new insurance and our deductible is at 0 :(, but I'm sure it will be worth the peace of mind if nothing else! and I'm sure everything will be fine - just please keep us in your prayers.

Spoil Steph Weekend was last weekend and it was SO much fun!!! I received lots of shopping therapy :) They had a lot of really great sales at the outlets in Park City! I ended up spending about $200, but it all depends on how much you get right? I hit up Nine West - a shoe store, Banana Republic and American Eagle... and I ended up with 3 pairs of capris, 2 skirts, 2 shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, and some jewelry! We also had lots of fun eating out and watching movies.

Today at the family reunion we were able to go to the open house for the new temple in South Jordan, it was amazing!! We decided that it still felt sacred, even though it hasn't been dedicated. I'm so glad that I get to be with Matt forever, this sounds like an understatement - but what a blessing! Oh and the cookies they give you after were really good too :) I'll try and post some pictures of the reunion eventually :)


Lauren Rawlings said...

Jealous you get to stay in Forks...I totally would if I got the chance. haha. You'll have to take pics and post them!

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

I LOVE those cookies too!!!! We need to find out where they got them from!