Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Expensive Hobby:

I had my MRI today. It was quite the experience! I found out last minute that I had to get an IV - this was probably a good thing, or I would have been freaking out about it all day! I was pretty nervous since I've never had one before. He put the entire IV in only to find out it wasn't in my vein... so he had to do it all over again and I still didn't pass out :) I'm pro at this now. Matt was able to come in with me though for the entire thing! It was kind of relaxing being in there though, except I could feel that piece of plastic in my arm the whole time. I'm glad to have it over with and we should have the results by Thursday.


brooke said...

What's up with all the medical stuff?

Lexi said...

Yeah, why did they have to do an MRI?